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New and Improved
Orarex PLUS 3.5 oz
(non homeopathic formula) New Item # 29508

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Previous Homeopathic Formula:

Orarex™ 3.5oz -
Item # 19502


$18 Retail - Unicity Orarex™ Plus Toothpaste Out of Stock, No Longer Available.  Please note: Unfortunately, as of December 2018 Unicity has discontinued it's Orarex Plus Toothpaste offering.  If you are interested in an alternative "immune system" reinforced toothpaste, that is just as good if not better than Orarex Plus, please email me at wayne@usasuites.com for details.


Unicity is pleased to introduce Orarex Plus!!

(This does not replace the previous Orarex Formula - This is no longer a Homeopathic formula)

You’ve heard your dentist tell you over and over how important it is to care for your teeth, including brushing them every day (remember: two minutes twice a day!). We’re sure that Dr. Payne is great, but oral hygiene is about more than just making your dentist happy. Studies show that oral health is linked to your overall health. Plus, we all know that clean teeth are a major confidence boost, and you always want a selfie-ready smile.

Get ready to say “cheese”! Orarex Plus is a new and improved formulation of our Orarex toothpaste. You’ll still get great cleaning and freshening, but we’ve changed a few things to best meet your needs.

Orarex Plus is a more natural toothpaste. This new formula is paraben-free and contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. That means that you can be confident about using Orarex Plus, knowing that it’s a natural way to care for your teeth from a company you trust.

Wet your toothbrush — Orarex Plus is here

-  Provides a natural solution for oral hygiene
-  Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate
-  Paraben-free

Suggested use:

Brush thoroughly at least twice a
day. Best after meals or as directed
by your dentist or physician.

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