1.32 lb Canister

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Enjuvenate™ from
Unicity International
    For an Aging Population

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Enjuvenate in the Canister has been Discontinued by Unicity and has been replaced. 
Please see note->>



Please Note: Enjuvenate in the Canister has been discontinued by Unicity and is no longer available.  It has been replaced by a new, more effective formula called Enjuvenate SC (Strawberry Cucumber) and is now delivered in packet form (30 day supply) Click here to learn more about Enjuvenate SC and/or to order.

Introducing the Newly Formulated EnJuvenate:

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Brought to you by Wayne Ehrenberg, Senior Director Unicity International


Recommended Use: For adult use only. Use EnJuvenate™ three (3) times per week. For best results, do not consume any food within one hour before or after consuming EnJuvenate™.

Warning: Do not take if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition, taking any medications, under a physician's care, or allergic to soy protein, egg white, rice protein, or whey protein. Use only as directed. *

Q. Can a child or someone under the age of 35 take EnJuvenate?
A. EnJuvenate is not recommended for children or anyone under the age of 35.

Q. Can I add hot water to EnJuvenate?
A. It is not recommended because hot water can destroy the nutrients.


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